Silenus humbly yet playfully welcomes you to his site.

Silenus highly recommends the Mental Wealth forum. It is a caring and sharing place where people with mental health issues can visit for support, love, learning, challenges and compassionate sharing of their issues.

A universal truth is that everyone has mental health issues of some kind. Realising that is half the battle.

Through knowledge comes strength and self empowerment.

Lots of things interest Silenus.

Things that Silenus finds fun or otherwise weirdly engaging.

The ability to laugh is one of the most glorious and magnificent gifts in all of creation. It's one of the things that makes Silenus tick...

Silenus loves art and creativity. They are amazing expressions of our Selves and of our Universe.

Silenus is a writer, first and foremost. Just about everything he does is seen through the eyes of a literary artist. That does not raise him above the "normal" person. Rather, it is Silenus' greatest hope that by sharing his deep appreciation of creative pursuits and the fruits of his artistic labours, he can inspire others to find that inner voice of artistic expression that is within us all in so many individual and magnificent ways.

Just a note for people - some of my writing is smattered with the odd rude word or crudeness if it is a topic that I am passionate about (and especially struggling with). I do sometimes choose language that deliberately offends or shocks, for dramatic effect, for emphasis, and for a certain wry sardonic dark humour.

I humbly suggest that if this offends, perhaps look elsewhere... or dare to be challenged, and read on...

The title says it all... this is a collection of my world visions, my philosophies, my idle thoughts, my wicked humour, my terribly cheesy puns, my random ramblings... these are what I love to write almost more than poetry... my Hallmark moments... my attempts to explore and understand how I view the Universe, and then attempt to communicate them to you, dear readers...

Poetry is perhaps the one thing that I love writing most. It is my true language. I cringe at some of the stuff I've written over the years, and am chuffed and proud of the rest of it. I hope you lads and lasses enjoy...

There are no freaks in Silenus' world. Or more to the point, we are all freaks, and should find ways to delight in each others' freakiness.

The things Silenus features here really blow his mind. Seriously talented and out there people, filling Silenus with inspiration, wonder and pure delight!

There are deep and amazing things in life, for those who are willing to push back the veil of ignorance and explore.

Life is as profound and deep or as mundane and shallow as we choose. Neither is better than the other.

Silenus likes profundity. He also likes contemplating his navel fluff.

Silenus either hasn't worked out which box to put this in, or perhaps he was too lazy or distracted to care.