This Ukranian sand artist is a truly gifted and amazing freak. Her ability to paint such subtle and living images with sand beggars belief.

Silenus is happy that there are such wonderful artists in the world...


This guy has got serious talent. How can so much sound come out of one person simultaneously?


Silenus loves beat boxing. A lot!

It's the bomb!


The best beat boxer in Silenus' world is Roxorloops, a nerdy weedy little guy from Belgium. He is the shit!




No worries. I'll just be in my early teens, be self-taught, and play both the rhythm guitar and lead guitar parts to one of the most iconic songs ever.

Don't sweat it. I've got it.

This kid is a serious freak! A pure and amazing musical genius, and he's only gonna get better with age, as experience expands his emotive boundaries.




And my absolute favourite: A version of White Lion's When The Children Cry.


Silenus always thought that there were some amazing whistlers out there. He thought he'd heard some pretty amazing whistling, in the form of Roger Whittaker.

Then he discovered a world champion whistler in the form of Geert Chatrou.


These guys are truly amazing. Silenus has known about them for at least 4 or 5 years, during one of those YouTube marathons where he was delighting in exploring the wonders of beat boxing.



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