Two blind sheep, drying in the rain
Saw two walkers, racing a train;
“Look”, said one, “See the men running?”
“No”, said the other, “I was only funning
When I said I could see.” The sheep walked
Off, with parting words – “We talked?
Sheep only bleat.” A bird swooped down,
Banked, glided, and made a fish drown:
“Gurgle, gurgle” was the fish’s last words;
“That’s why I prefer being of the birds”
Said said bird. The sun shone bright,
And gave an owl a fright –
“Don’t shine now” it seriously chided, “Dark
Is my ally – no matter how stark
It may seem. I catch my food,
Which is then carefully chewed
And swallowed.” A swallow heard this,
Thought something was strangely amiss,
For owls don’t talk during the day –
They curl up and sleep in the hay.
“Hey, man!” spake a cool calm crow,
“Don’t interrupt my one-man show.”
He proceeded to dance and sing
While gently flapping one wing.
The walkers looked at each other and smiled,
“Gee it’s good to be out in the wild.”

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