Hello Rambling Masses,

Long time no post. Haven't had a reason to, as this blog used to be about me venting my spleen. I don't do that anymore. It's too soul-destroying. It drags me down into depression. I'd much rather be happy than sad and angry. I look back at all of my angry posts over the years, and I pity the person that I was. So much negativity, so much mis-directed energy, so much eating myself up inside.

I think I am there, where I want to be now. From now on, anything I post will be nothing but positive. We each affect the world by adding to the great pool of energy. I now choose to add positive energy. I want to contribute to the happiness and joy in the world, not rail at things I have no control over.

I have learned much in the past year. I look forward to learning much more.

Stay happy people, and enjoy life. That's what it is there for.