Well, it is exciting having a blog, at least for the first little bit. I am sure that I will tire of it one day, but in the meantime, here's an update.

I thought that I would share a poem with you, oh Rambling Masses. I wrote it many many moons ago, during a particularly dull university lecture, and I still kinda like it. Enjoy.

Terror Former

Terra Firma,
Terror Former,
Release your grip on me.
Tug of love,
What goes up comes down -
Stupid planet, can't you see:
It's fatal attraction,
A lethal action,
Loss of sight -
Can't you see,
It's fatal attraction
To keep us here,
Because we'll destroy you
Through our fear.
Sinking feeling,
Stinking stealing -
Mother! We will abuse you;
The situation is grave -
Only one way to save
Gravity -

3rd April, 1992.