In short, this site is all about Creativity, Health, Personal Development, Challenging and Accepting in Equal Measure, Asking the Hard Questions, Being Crazy and Proud of It, Mental Wealth, Fun and Well-being.

This website is constantly under construction. In that, it mirrors Silenus' mind, body and shifting place in the Universe.

The Mental Wealth forum is fully active, and can be accessed using the Main Menu. Silenus welcomes you to join this forum if that appeals to you. It is a forum for people who have recognised that they suffer with mental health issues.

My name is Silenus. I am officially diagnosed with Bipolar Type 2 disorder. That's the milder form of bipolar. The kind that has the ability to fuck up my life and the lives of those around me, but without the psychotic breaks, voices in my head and scary inability to occasionally tell the difference between the reality within my head and the reality as experienced by the majority of humans in the really real world. My Moods swing a lot, and when I'm flying high, it's almost guaranteed to be higher than your average bear flies. Conversely, when I am low, there are no words to describe the depths of my depression.

One of my greatest desires is to share my life experiences so that I can help others to realise that it's okay and normal to have mental health issues, and that it's so much better to seek professional help than to go it alone. I've tried both in my life, and by going it alone, I ended my marriage of 10 years and caused a lot of pain. For that, I am eternally regretful, but also eternally grateful. I have struggled through the pain to find the gain. In that, I am trying to turn my frown upside down, learn from my life experiences, and share what I have learned in the hope that my life can be an example to others, before they have to go through the same depths of pain that I have gone through (or worse still - cause your loved ones undue pain).

I'm doing my darndest to learn more about my mental health issues. I recognise the fact that every single person on the face of the planet has mental health issues at some point in their lives. It's natural and normal, and the sooner we start talking about it in a relaxed and matter of fact manner, the better. To assume you will never have mental health issues in your life is like assuming that you will never have a pulled muscle, a dodgy back, a bung knee, or the common cold afflicting your physical health.

So, once again, I invite you to consider joining Silenus' Mental Wealth forum. Existing members could learn a hell of a lot from your own life experiences if you are willing to share them in a supportive, open and caring environment.

But the Mental Wealth forum is not the only thing that makes up this website. There's a lot more to Silenus than his ongoing pre-occupation with his mental health. There are so many things in Silenus' life that interest, intrigue and delight him. He loves sharing those delights, too. So, strap yourselves in, and here's hoping that you enjoy the ride. Life as seen through Silenus' eyes is truly grand in so many ways.

Articles will more than likely appear in the various sections over time.

More features will be added to this site as Silenus' Muse whispers sweet little nothings in his ear...


Thanks for stopping by. Silenus humbly and profoundly hopes to see you again.


Oooooh look! A butterfly!


[Silenus goes running off through grassy fields filled with wild flowers, following the butterfly.]