Hello, oh Rambling Masses,

There are more of us than we think whose lives are touched by mental illness. Pass a stranger in the street, and you may perhaps never know that they suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, an eating disorder, bipolar or the like.

The reason for this is that mentally "ill" people are just like everyone else. Everyone has their up times and their down times. The only difference between "normal" people (if that class even exists) and mentally "ill" people is that our ups and downs may be higher or lower than others.

Our moods and disposition exist on a vast spectrum, from soaring high as an eagle to crawling low as the worm.

For those of you who have had tough times with your moods, with your dark thoughts, with your energy levels, with your motivation, I can highly recommend a wonderful site called BlueBoard, run by the Australian National University. It is a forum that allows people to communicate with each other, to nurture and support each other, to laugh and cry and shake their fists at the firmament, and to try to understand how to live a better life with the conditions that we have.

The moderators of this forum are very careful to maintain the safety and anonymity of the users. This allows a wonderful environment to exist, where even the very shy or anxious are able to express themselves with impunity (except for following the forum rules, which rank very highly the quality of showing respect to others).

My name is Silenus,
And I have bipolar.
I am just like you.