You with your casting pole, I gladly embrace the barb
Between my lips – oh! Bitter-sweet pain, do not leave me,
For I, ensnared by you, wish not to be free –
The boundless oceans hold no greater pearls, nor can sun garb
Depths with greater sparkle. Even tidal powers
Are as nothing to the supple, invisible line
‘Twixt you and me; fight I may, but why? Better to resign
To my fate, relent to the tug of you, for freedom sours
In veins filled with fire, burning fire, not ice;
Angler, skilled angler, your allure is greater than you thought
May be possible, and I am bound, no matter the price:
Recklessly led by tensions of heart, not line – caught
And gladly so, for it brings me closer to thee, thrice
Talented – caster, catcher, keeper, whom so long I’ve sought.