Hi Ramblers,

Just a language warning for the following - if you are easily offended, then you might want to skip this one...

Now I like puns as much as the next person. Actually, that's not true. I like puns a lot. One of the places where you find lots of puns is in titles of pornographic material. Popular movie titles are given the pun treatment, and my favourites (easily found using trusty old Google) are listed below for your perusal. Some of them crack me up. My favourite would have to be "What's Eating Gilbert's Grapes?".

20,000 Legs Under The Sea
28 Gays Later
A Few Hard Men
A Fistful Of Penis
A Lad In
A Rear And Pleasant Danger
All Hands On Dick
Ally McFeel
An Officer And A Genitalman
Ass Ventura: Crack Detective
Ball The President's Men
Ben-Hur Over
Benny In June
Beverly Hills 9021-Ho!
Bi-Curious George
Big Trouble In Little Vagina
Black Cock Down
Bone Alone
Bridget Jones' Hairy
Bruce Allmeaty
Buffy The Vampire Layer
Butch Lesbian And The Lapdance Kid
Charlie's Anals
Cockodile Dun-me
Cool Bummings
Crimson Ride
Cum and Cummer
Dial M For Missionary
Diddle-her On The Roof
Doctor Do Me A Little
Doing John Malkovich
Driving It Into Ms. Daisy
Driving Miss Daisy (Into The Headboard)
E-3: The Extra Testicle
Edward Penishands
Emission Possible
Everybody Does Raymond
Fill Bill
Flesh Gordon
Forrest Hump
Get Smut
Good Will Humping
Guess Who Came At Dinner
Hairy Potter Made The Philosopher Moan
Harry Did Sally
How Stella Got Her Tube Packed
Hung Wankenstein
I Cream On Jeannie
Inrearendence Day
In Diana Jones
Intercourse With A Vampire
Jurassic Pork
King Dong
Lap Dances With Wolves
Lawrence Of A Labia
Legs Wide Open
Lust Of The Mohicans
Malcolm XXX
Mating For Guffman
Meat The Parents
Monty's Python And The Holey Girl
Moulin Splooge
Murphy's Brown
My Big Fat Greek Cock
Night Of The Giving Head
On Golden Blonde
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Breast
Phallus In Wonderland
Picnic At Hanging Cock
Playmate Of The Apes
Position Impossible
Pulp Friction
Queer And Present Danger
Rebel Without A Condom
Remember The Tightuns'
Romancing The Bone
Romeo In Juliet
Saturday Night Beaver
Schindler's Fist
Scrotal Recall
Sgt. Pecker's Lonely Hearts Club Gangbang
Shake My Spear, I'm In Love
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Sheepless In Montana
Sleeping With Seattle
Snow White And The Seven Inches
Sorest Rump
Star Whores
Star Whores: Return Of The One-Eye
Star Whores: The Empire Licks Back
Swallow Hal
The Bare Bitch Project
The Cum Of All Queers
The Dirty Dozen Inches
The Empire Strokes Black
The Genital's Daughter
The Great Muppet Raper
The Horny-Mooners
The Humpback Of Nasty Dames
The Hung And The Breastless
The Hunt For Head-all-over
The Hunt For Miss October
The Iron Giant Vibrator
The Joy Suck Club
The Loin King
The Long Ranger
The Lord Of The G-Strings - The Femaleship Of The String
The Maddam's Family
The Nads-u-ate
The Object Of My Erection
The Ozporns
The Pink Mile
The Porn Ultimatum
The Reproducers
The Rodfather
The Screwman Show
The Sixth Inch
The Slutty Professor
The Sopornos
The Sperminator
The Talented Mr. Lickme
The Touchables
There's Something In And Out Of Mary
Thighs Wide Slut
Three Men And Some Gravy
Three Men On A Lady
Titty Slickers
To Drill A Mockingbird
Touched By An Uncle
Wetness For The Prosecution
What's Eating Gilbert's Grapes?
When Harry Wet Sally
White Men Can't Hump
Who Reamed Roger Rabbit?
Womb Raider
Women In Black
Yank My Doodle, It's A Dandy
You've Got Tail

Until next time, oh ramblers - stay sane and don't forget to smile at a stranger every now and then.